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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Flying being mean

Kalen Emsley
Yes, I will admit it. I am mean. Or at least I am meaner than many of the people I know. I guess it comes from years of getting tired of carrying others who do not appreciate it and who always expect it. I don't mind carrying the load every now and then, but when carrying someone, a very grown someone every freaking time happens...well, I just don't like it.

And I don't like it when that very grown someone is upset when I say no. And I also don't like it when someone else tries to mitigate my no so that it comes out very watered down and practically a yes. I do very well speaking for myself.

So generally I just walk away because that is the nice thing to do. And if I get to walk away without that very grown someone following me trying to get in my ear things are fine. But more often than not that does not happen. Then I either sit there while my eyes glaze over because I have been trying oh so hard not to roll them. Or I make that face. And we all know what that face looks like. Hey, I am working on that as well.

Am I ranting? Yes. And that is that. I will be fine. Just don't be a very grown someone and expect me to carry you all the freaking time. I am very very tired right now. Just go away. And do not come back tomorrow unless you are going to carry me.