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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Flying with much needed wisdom from Brenda Smith


Aaron Burden

It does not matter what a thing looks like. It does not matter how difficult it may seem to you or anyone around you. Jesus said..."Have Faith In God." (Mark 11:22-24) Do not compare your circumstances, condition, or situation to anyone else. God is not going to solve yours, nor change yours, nor move yours like He has done someone else. He is too smart for that!! Yes, you will get the victory BUT in the way God intends for you to get it. We are all individuals and God knows what it will take to get us to where we need to be in this awesome plan he has for our plans. What worked for you....probably will not work for me...BUT GOD will work it out for the good. 

Every battle is not won in the same manner because every enemy is not the same. You have to know how to change your strategy and your tools and your stance when you are battling your enemy. Your enemy is Satan, that will never change. You know He knows the Word of God, right? But, does he know it like you know it!!! He knows what you used to get over that first mountain. He understands what you said to get past that second mountain. But this third one was High, Steep, and Dangerous beyond belief. You have so much in your armor to use.. 

The whole BIBLE, 66 books to be exact. Find a Word that was used to destroy that enemy then and use it for your defense...Speak it loud over your situation. Meditate and ask God for help!! God will continue to destroy the enemy in your life today...just like He did in Bible days. The Word does not change. God is victorious now and He will be victorious over your life as long as you have Faith to Believe in His Word. NO MATTER WHAT....BELIEVE IN HIS WORD!!! God will make Victory look good on you!!!

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