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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Flying with Brenda Smith on a Tuesday!

I generally post the wisdom of Brenda Smith on Thursdays. I am feeling the need to hear from her more this week as I feel that my faith is being tested. So I will post her words of wisdom a lot this week. 

Yulia Vambold


TIME NOW..... IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP!!!! We serve a God who is Faithful, Just, and True. He is Compassionate, Loving, and Merciful. We struggle to be just one of those attributes each day, yet God is all of those without even trying...because that is who HE is. He loves us with agape love that is unconditional love. He is not asking us - He is giving us. 

Have you ever received a wake up call from a friend, or the hotel in which you stayed the night? If you are reading this post, you received a wake up call from your Lord and Savior this morning. Thank you Lord! Wake up calls are defined by God giving you another chance in life. He is telling the devil "NO" and saying to you "YES". (Psalm 118:17) I shall not die but live and declare the works of the Lord. Stop hitting the snooze button - WAKE UP!! God is calling you to work.

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