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Monday, September 15, 2014

Flying in 5th gear, a re-post sort of

Every now and then I miss my candy apple red BMW. It came off of the production line on May 10, 1990  in Germany. that car was my soulmate. I cannot tell you how many times I put it in fifth gear (real women know how to drive manual transmissiona) and zoomed along the autobahn clocking speeds in excess of 100 miles an hour. Yeah, baby sometimes you just have to let the car do what it was made to do.

I now drive a Jeep with automatic transmission. I needed a bigger car and there is no autobahn and certainly no where I can safely drive 100 miles an hour. Oh well, I had my fun, but there are times when I need to feel the power of a finely tuned engine and listen to it roar for no other reason than it feels good and there are times when you have to do what you have to do.  Sanity and rationality are often left behind. That is not always smart, in fact more times than not it is downright stupid. 

Well, I do not have my BMW anymore. I passed it down to my nephew. He returned it to my dad. It sits in the front yard. I see it when I visit. One day soon I hope we can restore it to its former glory, get it waxed, and ride into the sunset. 

Sometimes, you just need to put it in fifth gear and press down on the accelorator. And drive.
Terry McMillan