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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Flying at 4am

Yes, flying at 4am is possible. I will admit that it is much earlier than usual even for me. I met two incredible women on the Mt. Pleasant side of the Cooper River bridge. I needed to run. I needed to clear out my head. I needed to shove my defeated attitude out of my body. It is amazing what can happen once your feet hit the pavement in a rhythmic journey. For most of the run I was silent. I was running ahead of the others. Not in an effort show off, but in an effort to free myself.

I did not see the moon or the planet Venus and it was much too dark to see dolphins. So, no distractions. I just focused on my breath and enjoyed the sweat pouring out of my skin. I love to sweat. There is something so cleansing about sweat. It is also a badge of honor.

I would rather run a bit later even at 4:30am as opposed to 4am, but i would not rule out doing it again. There is something oddly mystical about being out and active before most of the world acknowledges our presence. 

I'm addicted to a really touch workout. I like to be drenched in swear when I'm done because I feel accomplished. 

Alison Sweeney

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