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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Flying with Donna Brazile

On Friday, March 20, 2009 Donna Brazile is coming to Charleston, SC! It will cost only $35 to see her. She will be at the Embassy Suites-Convention Center Ballroom at 5055 International Blvd, North Charleston, SC from 1130am to 1:30pm.

Contact Barbara Gathers of the Women's Resource Project, Inc. at 843-722-6217 for more information. Checks are payable to the Women's Resource Project, P.O. Box 30535, Charleston, SC 29417.

I will definitely be there. I have her book Cooking with Grease: Stirring the Pots in American Politics. She is one of my sheroes (women heroes). In case you don't know, prior to joining the Gore campaign, Brazile was Chief of Staff and Press Secretary to Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton of the District of Columbia where she helped guide the District’s budget and local legislation on Capitol Hill.

Currently she is a and political commentator on CNN’s Inside Politics and American Morning, columnist for Roll Call Newspaper and appears regularly on MSNBC’s Hardball and Fox’s Hannity and Colmes.

During the 2002 mid-term election, Brazile traveled to over 29 states and 53 congressional districts to help train Democratic activists. At the conclusion of the 2002 mid-term elections, Brazile served as a media consultant and grassroots organizer for Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA).

She has worked on many national and statewide campaigns including presidential ones Carter-Mondale, Rev. Jesse Jackson’s first historic bid for the presidency , Mondale-Ferraro U.S. Representative Dick Gephardt, Dukakis-Bentsen, and Clinton-Gore in 1992 and 1996.

Donna Brazile is a very accomplished woman. I hope to see you there!

You can read more about her at