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Monday, January 19, 2009

Flying in cold weather

It is very cold here. Of course, it is winter and I am in Baltimore. Here is an interesting inauguration fact. I found this at

Weather's greatest impact on inauguration day came in 1841 when William Henry Harrison decided to brave the elements and deliver the longest inauguration speech ever, an oration lasting an hour, 40 minutes.

It was a cloudy, cold and blustery day, and Harrison, who wore neither hat nor overcoat, rode a horse to and from the Capitol ceremony. He subsequently caught a cold that developed into pneumonia. A month later, Harrison died.

Let's hope this does not happen tomorrow! You know, I think I would listen even if the speech was long. It is difficult for me to sum this event up in words. I just had to be here. I just had to share in this magic. It does not matter how cold I get. I just need to be 'in the moment'.

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