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Monday, January 19, 2009

Flying in the afterglow

We were at the concert at the Lincoln Memorial yesterday! Surprisingly it was not as cold as I imagined. I did not freeze. Maybe I was just too in the moment to freeze. It was a magical time. It was great to actually be in the same place as the President-elect. Tomorrow I can write President Obama! That is truly a dream fulfilled. 

I have had a few significant emotional events occur in Washington, DC. The first was being there in 1976 during the bicentennial. My mom wanted us to be there to celebrate because we were headed to Germany for four years. The next was in 1983 during the 20th year celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s March on Washington. Then came my first marathon, the Marine Corps marathon in 2006, and now this! 

Each event is something I will cherish forever. This last one is something I would tell my grandchildren, if I had any children! So, I am sharing this with everyone I know. I cannot tell you how emotional yesterday was. To just be in the presence of so many people with the same intent within their hearts-to celebrate the coming of change. Of positive and well needed change. 

But now the real challenge comes. It should no longer be okay to blame our lack of success on one thing. Of course there will be something that will slow our rise to greatness, but slowing down and re-directing is not the same as allowing someone else to stop us from flying. Remember that, put the word out. No longer can it be some one's fault that we are not fulfilling our destinies. 

Tomorrow at noon, the change is official. The gauntlet will be thrown. It will time for all of us to rise and be accountable for ourselves, our communities, our society, our states, and our nation. Tomorrow President Obama will be counting on all of us. Do not let him or yourself down!

Another cool thing that happened yesterday, was that I ran into my good friend Anne Kilpatrick. Out of the three trillion people there, we bumped into each other! That was awesome!

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