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Monday, November 17, 2008

Flying in disbelief

We have seen the recent election bring the ugliness of racism and sexism to the forefront. In spite of that, this latest proclamation has me in shock. Reverend Jay Scott Newman said "Voting for a pro-abortion politician when a plausible pro-life alternative exists constitutes material cooperation with intrinsic evil..."

I have just never heard any religious person (or maybe I have not been paying close enough attention) say that people should not consume the holy sacraments based on how they voted. Is that supposed to be punishment? Do people really think that God will not allow them into heaven if they have not had communion recently? What happens if people lie just to receive communion? Which is worse?

I think people should quit playing God. They should provide their parishioners scripture based guidance, tell them to pray, and vote as they think God is leading them. Is that too simplistic? Do were really need the fire and brimstone speech? Do we want it? Are we even listening? More, importantly, do we believe it?

Not all Catholics are jumping on this bandwagon. Some think he is off the mark. Interestingly, in South Carolina where Newman is currently (How did I get so lucky? Fortunately Columbia is 90 miles from Mt. Pleasant), the national exit polls state that 54% of Catholics chose Obama, who is Protestant. How many of them will listen and not partake in the sacraments?

I heard one pastor say, "I just attempt to lead my church the best way I know how. That is my job. It is God's job to separate the truly faithful from the others when they get to him. I do not have to worry about that."

Read more about the priest at;_ylt=AsI_JxJ20Soxl7yUxNqQsU7Zn414

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