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Monday, October 6, 2008

Flying with the what ifs

I was fortunate to attend a What if? conversation party. It is a party were the question 'what if?' is floated around the room and we all have to answer. First, let me say that the room was filled with amazing women. We were all different shapes, sizes, and colors. We all came from different places and were currently in different places. We were a tapestry of beauty. It was truly amazing. The only rule was that you could not discussion any relationship issue. You simply had to answer the question put before you. I went first. I was handled a crystal bowl filled with tiny slips of paper that held the questions. My first question was "What if you had only 1 year to live?" Other questions were "What if you had to live in Antartica?" What if money grew on trees?" "What if you won the lottery?" "What if you were suddenly blind?"

One of the most poignant questions was "What would you say to Joan of Arc?" Immediately many women confused Joan of Arc with Lady Godiva. The person who had the question was completely versed on the subject and gave us all an excellent history lesson. Another question that sparked massive discussion was "What if everyone lived to their potential?" Another was "What if you got rid of all your should haves?"

I think we all learned something that night. Hopefully we gained new friendships and respect for those whose ideas and thoughts were very different that ours.

I drew the final question which was "What if you had wings?" This was perfect for me because I am all about flying. Just about everyone else chimed in with answers. It was the perfect way to end the discussion.

So I challenge you to ask yourself "What if?" What if you could do whatever it is that you have not done out of lack of money, time, fear, or laziness? What if nothing held you back? How amazing would that be? Now, what do you need to make that happen? You know what comes next...GO DO IT!

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