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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Flying not running

Quin Stevenson
I did not run last week. I tried to. I just wasn't feeling it and I decided that it was okay not to. And I do not feel guilty about it. And I should not feel guilty about it. I need to rest every now and then. Plus marathon training will start up in a few days and I need to be ready.

Today I ran 7 miles. I ran by myself because, I don't really know why other than the fact that my running partner did not return my text about running. So I waited for the sun to rise and I ran.

The goal was 5 miles. But I decided to make a loop instead of turning around and running back the way I came. And I got tired. This was my first run since my week off and my bus journey. No excuses, just got it done. I really wanted to feel the vibration of my Fitbit. That is better than a high five. Much better.

It had been a long time since I ran alone. It was good for me, but I should have taken my phone. I usually do when I am alone, but not today. I will tomorrow. Just in case I get out too far and need a ride back, or if I step in a hole (which almost happened today), or if a creepy guy in car appears, or anything else.

Thankfully I was safe today and the humidity was not too bad. I do need new shoes. I have been saying that for a long time. Not sure what I am waiting for. Maybe for money to fall from the sky? Or a super awesome sale. Or both!

I am back to running. The rest week was needed and greatly appreciated. I am glad I gave myself permission to rest. I am happy that this time I did not fight it. Now let the marathon training begin.