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Monday, July 18, 2016

Flying into the unknown for me

I am actually moving to Savannah. Yes, I have been saying that but now it is more than just words. It is actually really getting ready to happen.

Erik Zünder

The repairs on my house should be completed this week. I need to do a deep cleaning. Luckily my house is still uncluttered thanks to my parents coming in May. Now I need a new toilet. Yes, isn't it always something? I hope to get one this weekend. I need a friend with a truck. And someone to help me put the toilet in. I have some vague promises and hopefully one of them will come through for me.

This is unknown territory for me. The Army has moved me EVERYWHERE my entire life. My dad was in the Army when I was born. I joined and it moved me to my current house. I am a bit overwhelmed. I have boxes. I have a plan on what to take with me and what to donate. I just need to get started. I thought about starting over the weekend, but did not. I just could not.

I also need to find somewhere to call home in Savannah. My realtor sent over some houses to look at and I did not like any of them. I am thinking about renting for a couple of years so that I can pay everything off, save a bit of money, and buy a car. But so far I have not fallen in love with anything. I sort of thought it would be easy. I just want a two bedroom two bathroom place. I am trying not to panic. It will all work out. It always does, right?

So for now I will focus on getting a toilet. Just a basic one. Nothing fancy. After all I plan to put the house on the market very soon. I have never bought a toilet before. There are so many different kinds. I was trying to imagine when I would need a heated seat. Or one that glowed in the dark. Maybe one day, just not today.


Dionne said...


If you need any help, let me know. I too am looking for toilets and there are a lot of them to choose from!!! Just holla and I will be there to help.

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