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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Flying with Thursday's Word with Brenda Smith

Redd Angelo
Tamera was buying items at a yard sale on last summer. She spotted a bag that she had to investigate. It got her attention because it was pink, pink being her favorite color.  Then on closer examination she discovered it had a Coach design on the bag. You do not expect to find the designer original handbags at yard sales.  She picked it up and walked around the yard with it still looking at other items to purchase.  She would occasionally glance at it and even thought once to just put it back because it was dirty on the outside with spots.  She stopped and looked on the inside and there was loose powdered makeup spilled on the inside. It was dirty. It was not attractive, but could it be an “original” Coach bag.
Still she wanted to hold onto the bag, thinking…if nothing else I can try to clean it. They were only asking $5.00 for the bag. So she purchased the bag and took it home. She decided to try her hand at cleaning the bag and purchased a special cleanser. She was excited because the cleanser she used did an excellent job in getting the embedded dirt out the inside and it gave the outside a fresh clean appearance. It was shining and glowing as if it was an “original.” Hmmmm… the thought hit her as she was looking at how pretty the bag was. Could it be?  Who would sell an original Coach bag for only $5.00?  It had to be a knockoff.
Her curiosity got the best of her and she went on line and checked the bag on the Coach website. Wow! She had just purchased a designer original Coach bag for only $5.  She took the time to clean it and polish it to a shine, and when she did the original luster, glow, and design appeared. Isn’t that the way Jesus does us?  He takes us and gently applies His love and tender mercies toward us. The LORD is good to all; he has compassion on all he has made. (Psalm 145:9) He puts His spirit in us and we shine with the newness of life. We appear before Him dirty, damaged, broken, discarded, and even close to death. He takes us and makes us into something to be proud of. People see us and they see our Shine. It is all because of His patience and loving hands that molds and makes us into what He needs for the world to see.  Thank God I do not look like what I’ve gone through. Amen .
Brenda Smith (as told to me by Tamera Crivello)