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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Flying looking at the clock

Tristan Colangelo

My life has taken a crazy turn or maybe I am just crazy. It could be both. Lots of great things are happening. I got a promotion, more money, I got into the Chicago marathon, I am attending an amazing conference just to name a few. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful of all of them. I thank God many many many times a day without asking for much.

With all of these wonderful events comes a period of adjustment. An avalanche of change. Change for the greater good, but change nevertheless. And change is often painful if even just for a moment. And right now I am in the painful stage. Part of it I am doing to myself. I need to do a better job of calming the crazies. I need to slow down and be present in this journey. I need to worry less about the end of the process because it will all work out exactly the way it is supposed to even if I don't see it now.

I need to stop watching the clock. I am stressing myself out. Amazing Pam will come back and help me declutter, organize, and pack. My mother will also come help me organize and pack. We will figure out how to make that happen. Then my house will be ready to go on the market. Then I will sell my house. Then I will find a place to live in Savannah. Then my car will last until I can buy a new one. All those things will happen not necessarily in that order. I need to stop watching the clock.

I will be just fine. God's got me. God's got me. God's got me. Three times makes it so. Somebody please take away that darn clock.