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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Flying high with Star

we are on the stage
Over the weekend I ran the Publix Savannah Women's Half marathon. It was a good race. It did not start out that way as we were in danger of being postponed or cancelled due to inclement weather. Just as the race began, the rain stopped.

It was a good race, not because of how I ran. I did not get a personal best, but I had fun. What was much better than a PR was my friend Star. This was her first race EVER. I am proud of her because she completed the race. I am proud of her because she did not allow her doubts and fear overcome her. And she did it all with a smile.

our medals
After I finished my race I found her dancing and singing with the band. In spite of my hurting knee I joined her. And somehow someway we (and Shari) found ourselves on stage with the band dancing to Proud Mary!  then some random people joined in. Yeah, I sort of forgot about my aching knee for a few minutes. I know that there are some pretty embarrassing pictures and perhaps videos of us out there. I am bracing myself for their appearance.

During our brief appearance on stage we were waiting for another runner. And she was looking for us. Finally when she looked on stage, there we were. She was not surprised, a tiny bit stunned but not surprised.
Me with Star

It was a good day. I think that is what these runs are designed to be. Yes, people can win first place and win money. Yes, people can set personal records. I did last year. It was a good day because I was surrounded by good friends and about 1500 of new potential friends. I was able to witness the victories of many women. I that for some this was a first. For some this was something that seemed impossible or improbable before.  

Here is an excerpt of what star posted on Facebook: "I was diagnosed with asthma about a year ago and never thought I would see the day where I could do something like this. My first 5k was tough, but I proved today that I was tougher. It meant so much to me to be able to complete it."

I was so honored to be a small part of her journey. I cannot wait to see what she does next.