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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Flying with Thursday's Word by Brenda Smith

Thursday's Word

This originally posted last week, but it bears repeating because it is applicable in our everyday lives. 
Annie Spratt

Little Easter Story:  A Sunday School teacher was having an Easter Egg Hunt for her class. She had both hard boiled eggs and the plastic eggs with goodies inside. She decided to do an experiment with the students. She gave everyone an empty plastic egg and asked them to find something from outside to place inside the egg and bring it back to the class for discussion. They charged out the door into the yard and started to hunt for their eggs. She saw them stop and put things in their empty egg.  When all of them got back in class she excitedly asked…”How did you do?”  “Did everyone get something placed inside their empty egg?”  They all said YES!  She noticed, Philip did not respond but was somewhat excited to have his egg examined.  She started with the front of the class and asked for one egg to be given to her to open.

She opened it and there was a blade of grass – new growth. She opened another and a flower – Springtime. She opened another – a leaf and thought this is so good… Spring, new growth, and renewal. She noticed Philip was standing up and she  asked for his egg. He brought it to her and when she opened it, it was empty. The class erupted in laughter… They laughed and laughed…someone said…”It is empty. Nothing is in there!”  So, she asked Philip...”Why did you give me an empty egg?   Could you not find anything outside to fill it with?” He said.. “When my father reads the story of the crucifixion in the Bible and tells me of the death of Jesus, he tells me that the best part of Easter is not the cross Jesus died on but the empty tomb that He was raised from.”  So when you asked us to place something inside the egg… I thought of the Bible story. When I opened the egg and saw it was empty…I remembered the tomb of Jesus. Like this empty egg… the tomb of Jesus is empty because HE IS RISEN!!



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