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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Flying with a small explosion by Brenda Smtih

I love this explanation! I 'borrowed' this from Brenda's Facebook page.

It is one thing to possess the Spirit, it is another to release the divine power. Get a glass of water place an Alka Seltzer tablet inside. Pour water over it. It's flavor is released throughout the water. Like a small explosion. This concentrated, compact power pill is no good as long as it sits on the bottom of the glass. It has to release it's energy to fill the glass, and then it turns the water into something new.

God's spirit is compact, concentrated, powerful force of divine energy he wants to release in you. So that you can become what he is. You will never, ever, be the same!!! (2 Peter 1:3) You will lack nothing. You will become new. You have the Power that is on the inside of you to work marvelous and great things, all you need to do is release the power of God that is on the inside of you!

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