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Friday, October 2, 2015

Flying uncluttered, a bit

Pablo GarciaSaldaña

I was very fortunate to have my mother visit me last week. I asked her to come help me unclutter. The goal was to get rid of half of my stuff. While that did not happen I did manage to make my bathroom, my bedroom, and my closet a little less cluttered. All of the stuff was removed from the floor and out of the bathroom. 

We removed most of the clothes that did not fit from my space. My sister got most of them, Goodwill will get some, friends will get some, and I held on to some because I just could not bare to part with them-mostly suits. I will replace them eventually, but if I need one in the immediate future I will wear one of the ones I kept and pretend that it isn't too big. 

I know it sounds crazy, but I don't wear suits much and I do not want to have to buy one. I am keeping what I have 'just in case'. And perhaps I should have given them away so that I would have the need for one for an interview, but money is tight and I would rather replace them when I get that next gig. And yes I get a great discount where I work part-time. I used my discount today to buy a pair of slim black pants because pretending that the ones I keep wearing fit got a little embarrassing today. 

Anyway, I had the best night's sleep the night after the cleanse. Less clutter in the room left room for soothing energy or something like that. I won't argue, I am just glad it worked. My mom will come back a bit early for Thanksgiving to help me declutter further. Again the goal is to get rid of half my stuff. 

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