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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Flying with mad respect

I am now in retail well at least part-time. I can now say I am proud of the way I leave a fitting room. I never throw clothes on the floor. I put things back on the hanger and often even take things back to where I found them. I thought it was just good manners and that most people do the same.

London Scout

I have discovered that many people do not do the same thing. I cannot tell you how many dressing rooms I have had to declutter. I have found clothes on the floor, some turned inside out, some thrown in a ball, and several without the hangers. And there is no need to steal hangers. We will give you hangers. 

I generally have a 4 hour shift. I spend all of that shift on my feet. I am either walking, sorting, hunting for another size, ringing up a customer, or doing something. It is very exhausting. I am always polite. I never judge and I try to be extremely helpful. It is my goal, the goal of all of us in the store to make sure the customer has a great experience. 

I am increasing my skill set in this job. At the very least I could put this under customer service, inventory management, and goal oriented on my resume. No experience is wasted. 

My new gig has not changed the way I behave in a store. It has provided me with the inside track on what happens behind the scenes, what it takes to get the store ready to open and to clean up to close. I know appreciate the sales force so much more.