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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Flying when faith is tested

What do you do on those days when all you can do is get out of bed and be on auto-pilot? Those days when absolutely positively nothing is going your way? When you begin to think about bargaining with someone other than God? 

Those are difficult days. Those are the days when you need to reach out to someone who cares. Those are the days when you are at the end of all you know and it is time to put the the ego aside to bring in reinforcements. It is humbling to ask for help, but desperate times call for desperate measures. 

Michael Baird

I generally ask my friends for prayers. They know me well enough so I do not always have to specifically explain why. And there are times when I think a prayer for specifics is needed. No rhyme or reason I just ask from time to time. 

Be open to prayer. Not just the get down on your knees kind of prayer, but the oh God I really need you right now all day and all night kind of prayer. The kind that you utter all freaking day and into the night. I am praying those kinds of prayers a lot lately. And I pray them for others, too. 

My faith is definitely as large as a mustard seed, but there are days when that tiny amount is put to the test. And it is during those times that I remember to be grateful for the things that have gone my way no matter how tiny they are. 

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