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Friday, June 12, 2015

Flying with the sound of the rain

Shlomit Wolf

I love the sound of rain on my skylights. Who am I kidding, I love the sound of rain anywhere especially when I am inside safe and dry. I will admit that I love running in the rain. But only when it is warm outside. I love the feel of the liquid sunshine on my skin. It is often refreshing and I feel invincible because most people are inside. Superheroes run in the ran. And I am a superhero without the cape. 

There is something amazing about rain. About how it can appear and disappear as if by magic. How it can be on one side of the street but not the other. How it can travel in an instant across the country or at the very least across the state. 

It can be disastrous as well. Floods are often swift and dangerous. People die. Houses are destroyed. That is far from beautiful and mysterious. I almost forget that part. Especially when it is lulling me to sleep.