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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Flying feeling undone

Luis Llerena

I always try to put my best foot forward. I try to be present and accounted for in all of my endeavors. I am usually successful. And there are those times when no matter what I do or how hard I try it just doesn't even seem like I am trying at all. Those days when I wish I could turn around and get back in the bed or maybe under the bed with the monsters. 

I call those my 'undone' days. The days when no matter how I look I feel as if there is toilet paper hanging out of my underwear and I am standing in front of my class and no one says a thing. Or like that day I went to work with food poisoning with my dress on backwards. You get my drift, right?

What always amazes me that even on those 'undone' days people hardly ever notice. I need to remember that on those days. I should just smile and pretend that everything is just peachy because everyone doesn't need to know my stuff. And I do not want everyone to know my stuff. There are days when even I do not know my stuff. 

Those 'undone' days do make me more appreciative of the 'normal' days and for that I am grateful. 


MtTravlr said...

This really strikes a chord with me. I have many, many "undone" days but always strive to plow through no matter what! I then really do appreciate those times when things are not quite so challenging.

doretha said...

Thanks for you response. I, too, appreciate those less challenging days. I just need to take time out while I am in them to realize it. Often I do not realize it until later.