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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Flying when it isn't the way you wanted it to be

Let's face it. There are many times when the outcome is absolutely positively not the way you wanted it to be. When it isn't even close. You know, those times when you just sit back and say, WOW because anything else would bring you to tears. That is if you are not already crying.

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I tend to cry first think second. That is if I think at all. I usually call a sistergirlfriend to do the thinking because distance seems to always have a better view. Crazy I know, but very true.

In these things there are lessons to be learned and trust me, you will not move on until you learn them. And learning them may mean letting go of something, of someone, of sometime, or of someplace. Hopefully it isn't all of of them at one time. That would just be comically tragic. I think I would just roll up in a ball and laugh. And then cry.

There are also times when things go so much better than you could have ever imagined in your wildest dreams. And then we beam from ear to ear and beyond. We must cherish those moments. Those moments make it easier to get through the other moments. And we do get through those other moments. Perhaps not when we want to, perhaps not as we thought we would, but we do. And we become wiser. We have no choice.

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