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Friday, December 5, 2014

Flying while organized

I am sort of organized. I should probably say that I am much more organized than I have been in a very very long time. My bathroom is fixed except for the sanding, painting, and popcorn removal. But the drywall is up and that is huge. 

Jeff Sheldon

So now the stuff that was in my closet is no longer in the back bedroom. You can actually see the floor and it no longer looks like a tornado came through it. And now my closet has most of the things back in it and now I can find my clothes which should make packing for Savannah much easier including my shoes. No more hunting for one shoe or the other. I cannot take full responsibility for that, my mother helped me. She has the organization gene and she did not pass it down to me although I think she secretly wishes she did. 

The next thing I must do is declutter my bedroom. I have stuff all over the place except not on my bed. I must clean off and make my bed every day before I leave the house. Actually before I leave the room. So amid all of the junk on the floor, on the dresser, on the chair, and in the open suitcases on the floor there is a well made up bed. 

It feels great not to have my house so chaotic. It is is a layer has been lifted from around my neck. 

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Life Motivation said...

Yes, it's really nice to be organized. You'll never look of small things anywhere if you place it in proper places.