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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Flying under the stars

Juskteez Vu

The other day I met some wonder women and we ran 10 miles at 4am under the stars. Usually we get to see the sun come up over the water, but this day we only saw at the stars reflected in the water. It was very peaceful and eerily calm. We did not hear the creatures in the marsh only the occasion bird. After all it was quite early. 

After the first three miles we stopped talking. Nothing was wrong. I think we just fell into our own zones and relied upon our breathing to provide the cadence. 

We stopped on a tiny bridge to listen to the ocean. We could not see it even with our flashlights. And that was amazing. Something so massive and loud yet quite invisible in the darkness. The stars did little to illuminate it. So we turned around and headed the 5.1 miles back to our cars. 

There is something quite mystical and magical about running pre-dawn when most things are not quite awake. Our footsteps were barely audible in the silence. Or maybe we just barely noticed. We barely noticed because we saw a falling star. For some reason we were all looking up to the sky at the same time. We all made a wish because that is what you are supposed to do. Amazing.

We ended the run among the brightly lit palm trees which was a complete contrast to the dark scene along the marsh and the ocean. But Christmas is near and it is that time of the year. 

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