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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Flying even when I cannot

Ryan Lum

I awoke with a huge headache and did not make my usual 4am run. I wanted to run anyway but something told me not to. Something told me to stay in bed and rest. Something told me that missing my pre-dawn run would not be a bad thing. I wasn't missing it due to being lazy. I wasn't whipping out due to the cold weather. My body, actually my head just would not allow me to focus on the run. I could not even stand up straight and no I was not drunk. 

Not running does not signify failure in any way. It simply means that I am resting and resting is a part of training and fitness. It means that I am listening to my body. It means that I am not pushing myself to an unhealthy level. I will not be injured by going out when I know I should not. It means that I am being smart. 

Rest is when my muscles have time to recover. I need to respect that process. I will come back stronger. And that is what healthy is all about. So I am not have flown at 4am, but I am not a failure by any means. 

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