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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Flying with victory

Saturday I ran the Solider Marathon. I was trying to run a PR (personal record). I told everyone that running it in 5 hours and anything would do the trick. That even means running a 5:59. I had trained hard.

I even downloaded my suggested splits. I looked at them and tried to commit them to memory. I even printed them out and folded that paper up and put it in my shirt sleeve. I really wanted to follow the plan. I talked about the plan. I dreamt about the plan.

I did not follow the plan. I did not even look at that piece of paper again. Instead I caught up with the 5 hour pace group and stayed with them until mile 22 when my race sort of unravelled.

I say sort of because I ran a 5:09 which is one hour faster than I ran the Marine Corps marathon last year. That is much better than the 5:30 marathon that I was dreaming about.That also means that I can run a sub 5 hour marathon the next time. If there is a next time.

My dad took 3rd place in his age group. My sister did not do too shabby either. She did not PR, but she did not run her worst time either. So it was a victory all around. And it was a first for the three of us to do a race together. We were just missing my brother who was off with his baseball team. My mother was with us. She does not run, but she provides tons of moral support.

My dad met another man his age and I think he got inspired. He now says he may do another one. How awesome is that?

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Jo Hammers said...

One woman jogs, another writes, while someone else quilts or bakes. Flying high comes in many forms. We, as women must recognize the form we fly in and fly the skies often. Jo Hammers, author and Mystic