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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Flying with knowing what I am

My DNA test results arrived. No, this is not a Jerry Springer moment. I am not trying to find out who my father is, I know who he is. I am not trying to identify the father of my baby because I am I do not have any children and if I did, I hope I would know that. 

I took the test because I wanted to know my genetic make-up. has been helpful, but I wanted to know more. I found out that I am American Indian (knew that, but not sure which tribe and really want to know that), Asian (interesting, did not see that one coming), European (knew that ancestors came from England), and East African (thought so, just wasn't sure which part). So I will continue to mark 'other' on all forms that ask my race.

People have said that I should check African American because that is what others see. Is that really fair? Do I have to conform to what others think I am? Aren't I allowed to self identify with the part of me that I embrace? What if I embrace all of me? Is it my responsibility to make others comfortable in their identification of me? And does what others think/feel really matter? 

Don't we all want to be known for ourselves, our uniquely God designed selves? I know I do. I am fine without labels. Are you?


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