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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Flying with love? part 3

Here is the final installment from Lavondilyn on love

Love trusts. Love believes God! When we truly love others, we can give them over to God and trust His sovereignty. We don't have to lead with fear or doubt. We can trust God's provision, protection and power in every situation. You truly can delight yourself in the Lord and commit your way to Him and trust that He will bring whatever it is you desire to pass. Perfect love casts out fear!

Love hopes. When we love, we never lose sight of the possibilities! Love allows us to be positive and truly believe that all things are possible through Christ. With love, it's not a matter of "if" but, "when". There's always hope in love!

Love perseveres. True love doesn't allow us to quit - it's persistent and full of faith. When it seems like "it won't work" or "it's impossible", love stays committed and keeps moving forward. It endures until the end. Love never gives up!

Love never fails. It's the one thing we can always count on. Love never fails. Everything else may die and fall away, but love lasts forever. There are no conditions which can make it null and void. There is nothing which can break its strength. It covers a multitude of sins and it breaks every yoke. It cannot fail.

So, now can you recognize love? Can you give it? This passage in 1Cor 13 should be our measuring stick - it should help us to determine whether we are truly loving those in our lives and whether or not they are truly loving us. It should serve as a tool to help us align ourselves and our relationships with the Word of God. The better able we are to do that, the better the quality of our lives and our relationships will be.

Has it registered to you that all of the descriptors above describe how God treats you? That should come as no surprise... God is Love and whoever lives in love, lives in God and God in him. (1Jn4:16)

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