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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Flying with love? part 2

 Lavondilyn's Are you sure it's love? continues...

Love is humble. It's not proud and so therefore does not boast. It's not "puffed up"! True love has a quiet, humble spirit. When we love, we love from a spiritual position of servitude. It's not about "I" or "me" - what I want, what I think, what I do - it's about others and our willingness to serve them. Jesus washed the feet of those He loved as a sign of humility and servitude.

Love is polite. It's not rude or vulgar. The way we treat others and communicate with others, should demonstrate our love for them (and our love for the Christ in them!). Love shows gratitude and graciousness - it says "please" and "thank you" and "excuse me" and "I'm sorry". Love steers clear of corrupt communication. Always remember, how you respond matters. Choose your words wisely!

Love is giving. It's not at all selfish. You have to give of yourself - of your time, your resources, your affection, your talents! Love thinks first of the other person. God loved us so much that He gave His only begotten Son. Generosity and sacrifice are by-products of life!

Love is peaceful. It's calm - not easily angered or provoked. When we love, we lead with the peace of God. Gentleness is a fruit of the Spirit! That's not to say you won't get angry, but it's not naturally a part of your character. It's not ever-present and it's not easily provoked within you. Love is peaceful! It should calm and soothe.

Love forgives. It keeps no record of wrongs. Love doesn't have a memory - in fact, it actively erases memories of wrong doing. Just as Jesus forgives, so should we. Not only should we forgive, but we should not judge and condemn. Love does the exact opposite - it accepts in spite of faults, and it's patient enough to allow both ourselves and others to work on change.

Love is righteous. It does not delight in evil or sin but rejoices in truth. Love doesn't allow others to dwell in sin and live unrighteously. Love supports and encourages, uplifts and corrects. "Tough love" is a great term - love has to be honest and honesty can sometimes be temporarily hurtful, but, "lie not to one another..." (Col3:9) It will be OK in the end, love never fails.

Love protects. We should go above and beyond to keep those we love out of harm's away. When we love, we cover our loved ones in prayer - especially our children and spouses, but even those we don't know. They, too, are our brothers and sisters in Christ.

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