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Monday, March 25, 2013

Flying with Brenda Smith, again

BREAK - Split or crack.
SMASH - To break to pieces.
Like most people we have things in our lives that are bad for us, those things need to be given a break. Not a break from doing the wrong or sin, but a break to end it.  In the Old Testament in the book of Leviticus (15:11-12), if a sick person entered their kitchen: "A clay pot that the person touches must be broken." This was done to stop the spread of a possible disease. What can we draw from this as a lesson today? Not a new set of dishes....this is a specific teaching of a moral infection. Let me speak a language we all know. Let's talk about love. Romantic love is good and God-given, but if we direct it toward someone other than that of our marriage partner, it becomes contaminated love. That "clay pot" put a name on it and recognize it as evil and sinful, and it must be broken (Colossians 3:5). We can become worldly. We are to identify what has become defiled and smash it. You have to break it to a point that it cannot be put back together. Don't take the clay pot and hide it somewhere to only pick it up: from the attic, under the kitchen sink, hidden in a corner of the garage, or behind a locked door. You still have it intact and you still have access to it. Take that "clay pot" out and destroy it.

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