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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Flying because we are fabulous (re-post)

I just had to re-post this because lately I hear  my dear sistergirlfriend's voice partly because I need to hear her and partly because this post is still relevant.

Whenever I complained about someone or something to one of my dear sistergirlfriends, she would nod in agreement. It did not matter that she did not know the object of my complaint. It did not matter if I was right in my tirade. She would just let me have my say and when I exclaimed that I just did not understand, she would calmly say "That's because we're fabulous".

That was the answer to everything. She did not mean that we were better than anyone. She simply meant that the reason our thought patterns are different than others is simply because, we are different from the others.

Different does not mean better or worse. It just means different. She just chose to title our differences as being fabulous. No explanation required, plain and simple.

So when you are struggling to understand something or someone, instead of tearing your hair out, simply say "This is not making sense to me because I am fabulous and would have handled it another way". Trust me, it works and of course, it is true.


doretha said...

Funny, I should have read this first thing this morning as I am searching for understanding today. Also interesting is that I saw the woman who told me that we are fabulous yesterday in Whole Foods. I had not seen her in years! God has a plan.

Anonymous said...

Hola, Todo dinбmica y muy positiva! :)