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Monday, August 23, 2010

Flying while channeling Halle Berry

Recently my life has taken some twists and turns that not only did I not foresee; I cannot even explain them. I can't even articulate them to another person because they do not make sense even in the most abstract of ways. I am probably spending much too much time thinking about them. Yeah, I know; if I spent half that much time on my dissertation I would be done. I get that, just can't get there just yet.

Anyway, I have decided the best way to deal with these annoyances is to channel my inner Halle Berry. I have always admired the way she showed class, dignity, and elegance while dealing with the David Justice, Eric Benet, and other deeply personal matters in her life. I appreciated how she even told Oprah on national television about how difficult it was dealing some of those issues, but she looked deep inside and made notes not to make the same mistakes again. In her case, she chose not to marry again.

Marrying badly is not my cross to bear at the moment, but I have others. So right now I am imagining that I am Halle Berry in the midst of these storms. Yes, I can be in the midst of those storms as myself, but where is the fun in that? I want to be Halle Berry or at least what she exemplifies to me. One day it will be enough to be just me, but these circumstances at the moment are requiring another powers. So for now, just call me Halle!