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Monday, April 12, 2010

Flying in brand new pretty pjamas

The other day I bought a pair of new pjamas. I didn't think I needed a pair. Hadn't planned on buying a pair. I was wondering around Target for the second time in as many hours and there they were. On the way home I was debating with myself as to whether or not I was going to wear them that night. In the shower, I decided that I would.

Believe it or not the next morning, the huge brain fog was lifted! That entire day I was able to see outside of my 'funk' and no longer felt stuck. My eyes were open for the first time in a good while. That night in the grocery store a man in the check out line to my left gave the cashier $100 in cast to pay for the woman's groceries BEHIND him. No, she wasn't his mother! He did not even speak to her. Amazing. More amazing is that I probably missed all kinds of random acts because I could not see outside of myself.

Do I really think my new pjs have magic powers? No, but they prove that sometimes a small change in environment can adjust our attitudes which can lead to wonderful discoveries. And yes, I will be wearing my pretty new pjs for many more nights. That was the best $20 I ever spent. In case you are in need of a little attitude adjustment or just some pretty new pjs mine are the orange floral ones by Gilley & O'malley from Target.

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