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Friday, April 9, 2010

Flying high after it's over

As I was walking on the beach the other day, the song What Can I Say by Carrie Underwood kept going through my mind. The ending of something that I thought was forever really made me rethink probably too many times about it. It's painfully funny how something can look so different with the passage of time.

This song summed it up nicely. It was time to let go and move on (seems like that is all I do these days with people, places, and things), anyway these words express exactly how I felt and probably more eloquently what I said to him. I don't think he really got it, he just got the fact that it is what it is, over. It will feel strange for a while or longer, but what can I say? I will continue on my journey just with one less passenger. And yes, I really wrote letters and threw them away.

Here are the lyrics that really moved me:

And I'm not sorry that it's over
But for the way we let it end
So I said all I had to say
In letters that I threw away

And you should know, please believe me
I've picked up the phone a thousand times
And tried to dial your number, but it's been so long
It's never easy, it's like tryin' to spin the world the other way
What can I say?

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