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Friday, August 21, 2009

Flying with a new author!

One of my dear sistergirlfriends has decided that she wants to share on the blog. I will let her introduce herself. Until she gets her account set up, I will be posting for her. This is one of her stories. That is why I used blue font. This is coming from her.

This past year I have had time to reflect on the many changes in our society. As the “grandma’s apron” story reminded us, things were much simpler then.

A month ago, I met a business associate at O’Charley’s for a dinner meeting. As I was parking my car in a parking space, I noticed a man with the passenger door of a truck open attempting to remove his frail mother from the truck into a wheel chair. I parked my car in the space nest to them but far enough over to allow him extra room to maneuver.

I got out of my car and immediately came over to help him. I held the wheel chair while he lifted his mother out of the truck and placed her lovingly in the chair. I told him “to take care of your mom as she took care of you.” He turned around and asked me rather sternly “why was I being so nice…..why did I not curse him and his family for being so slow?” I told him “that’s what you are supposed to do… your fellow man….its common courtesy.” He then asked “are you a nurse or something?” I said no but I took care of my mom for over a decade and that I appreciated it when folks helped me just because they could and would!! He got tears in his eyes and his voice cracked….“bless you and thanks.” I replied “thank you and bless you ……take care of momma because she took care of you.”


angie said...

Welcome aboard. I look forward to more. This is a great story. It's true and reminds me give my mom some extra love. Also, it's sad that someone would be suspicious of another person's kind act. Maybe he'll pay it forward to someone who also needs to be reminded that compassion still exists in this world.

Anonymous said...

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