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Monday, August 24, 2009

Flying with kindness at the Sports Authority

This week I will feature our new contributing author. That is why the font is blue,. These are not coming from me. She has a lot to say! Okay, this is silly. I can introduce her.

Her name is Megra Spells and she will reveal more of herself as time goes on. She and I met a million years ago as Crisis Hotline volunteers. She was on the phone with me when I had my first suicide call. While I was talking to the woman, Megra was on the other line contacting the police. We were able to save that young woman's life.

When summer began this year, I received coupons from Sports Authority. Since I am tired of hearing myself walk via my thighs rubbing together and seeing way too much of my self in the mirror, I decided to get into a serious exercise regimen. Any way, the coupons were for $10 and $25 dollars.

I made my purchase and a couple walked up behind me with there items. I turned and offered the remaining coupon to the couple. The husband’s eyes got wide. The wife said “are you sure….you don’t need it”? I said “mam, I have made my purchase and I won’t be using it. We are suppose to help each other, if I have something I can give, I am going to do that.” They thanked me and she went and got a pair of shoes that otherwise, would have stayed in the store. I received several more thank yous as they were checking out…and even in the parking lot!!!

Truly a warm feeling came over me. That is what should be happening now. Not fear tactics; not “I am better than you”…..just kindness, consideration, a sense of community.
That’s all.

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