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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Flying on my day

Once again, this did not post at 5am!

Today is my birthday. Originally I wanted this day to be all about me. I mean, how many days will I ever get like that? However, I do realize that it will not be all about me all day long. That will not stop me from wearing a crown. One of my dear sistergirlfriends is bringing me one later and I cannot wait! Today, I understand that I will get moments when the focus will be mine alone and I am okay with that.

I am okay with that because today is a very poignant day for a dear sistergirlfriend of mine. Last year, she either lost or buried her mother on my day. Another sistergirlfriend buried her mother. Another who shares my birthday buried her husband. And most significant for me, my grandmother died on my day.

So in the midst of my celebration today, I will take a moment to remember, honor, and cherish those who departed. It is only fair, since it is their day as well. The one thing I will NOT do is share my crown. I made a promise to myself not to let grief overshadow my life today. I also made a promise to be available to those who need to cry and mourn. After all, that is what dear sistergirlfriends are for, even when they are wearing a crown.

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Cookie said...

Doretha, Happy Birthday again...Your post is a clue as to why you are so special.
My beloved granddaddy taught me "absent from the body is present with the Lord." He also used to say, "When I die and when when I am dead and gone, there will be one child born, in this world to carry on."
Doretha, YOU were the "One Child born in this world to carry on!"
What an awesome responsibility and blessing.
You have your Grandmother's shining on you.
I know your Granny is looking on you today and every day, saying, "behold, my Granddaughter Doretha in whom I am well pleased."