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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Flying on Doretha's Birthday.

Today is my beautiful Sister friend Doretha's birthday.
My heart is filled with love and good wishes for her happiness, success, and Joy.
As I sit here writing this, I am thinking of all the gifts she has given the world.
Doretha has served our nation in the Armed Forces, reliably and well.
Thank you and we salute you!
Doretha is a good sister, a kind and loving daughter and a great Aunt.
Doretha is a leader in our community, a woman who is out in front making things happen.
She is a brilliant writer, just read this blog!!!
And thank you for all the lessons, love and wisdom you have shared here.
She is a mentor to the next generation of women who will make a difference.
And she is a wise warm funny wonderful and caring friend.
Doretha is a truth-bringer. This is a powerful gift.
She runs marathons, literally and figuratively.
Girl YOU can go the distance.
Sister friend, your smile lights up a room and your compassion and humanity cannot only not be described by me, but I marvel that it can be contained in your beautiful little body.
There are no words and no gifts that can do all that you are and that you mean to me and so many justice.
Please just know that even when we are out of sight of each other, you are never out of my mind and never ever out of my heart.
Which is full of love and so much more for you today, your very special day!
Keep on aiming high and showing the rest of us the way.
All my love,

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