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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Flying with a President who is an adult.

You know that old adage,

"sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me?"

I think it is not always true, but I think it is time that we adopt that stance when it comes to our new President.

In the past few days i have gotten about 10 emails about the offensive New York post cartoon about President Obama and 6 and counting emails about the insult that a Barnes and Noble in Coral Gables FL may have visited on him but putting a book about chimps in a window display of books about the Prez and the first family.

Please check out the link above....

I have been "invited" to boycott Barnes and Noble for this and the New York Post.

I am not going to do either...
the first reason is all my friends who live in New York tell me that they know that the Post is a fish wrapper rag... I do not read it when I am in New York and I do not read it when I am not in New York...
And second the Barnes and Noble window incident may have been done by a stupid customer.

IF we are going to boycott something or get up in arms about something, why not the state of the schools in the our communities?

In my local school system, they are cutting out summer school, and have toyed with the idea of 4 day a week school and not having substitute teachers if the teacher is out less than 4 days...
Why? because our legislators are to lily livered to raise taxes to fully fund schools.

Only about 30% of high school seniors graduate here in South Carolina...

We, in South Carolina, rank 49th in education in the nation but we are leading the nation in STD's among our youth....

Why are we not grabbing young boys off the streets and teaching them about how to use a condom and why it is important to use one every time? Why are we ourselves not telling our young men, that yes they can be President?
And why are we not going in and getting the guns out of the hands of our children?

Why are we not teaching our girls that they are powerful special and valuable and they do not need to grow up to be an entertainer, or an unwed mother, but they could be a doctor, scientist or pilot...?

Why are people who can get up in arms about these not very important slights to Obama stories, not kicking down the school house door demanding that schools be fully funded, or that the prison industrial complex be dismantled.

If we are looking for something to protest, we just have to look in our own back yards.
But that would require that we DO something more than just sending an enraged email to our lists...
Barack Obama is a big boy. He is a MAN, he is the most powerful man on the planet.

He does not need protecting from a bad practical joke.

He must also be the most thick skinned man on the planet...

He ran a presidential campaign and rarely if ever responded to the crap said about him or got in the fray...

We could all take a lesson from this MAN.

He needs us to band together and focus on what is wrong in our nation and to start working on real solutions.

And as for the NY Post photo, being upset by something that was in the NY Post is almost as silly as being upset by something you see in the National Inquirer.

Have a nice day and try to be the change you want to see in the world.

Keep aiming high with action.