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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Flying with the Center for Women

This year I am the board president of the Center for Women. I know, I know, there are some of you who remember the old days when it acted like the 'Center for Rich White Women'. Those days have long gone. How do I know? Because I am not rich nor am I white and I have benefited from its services.

To receive benefits from The Center for Women, one does not have to fit into a category. You do not have to be homeless, broke, abused or any of the other boxes we like to stuff women into. You do have to be desperate for knowledge. For the kind of knowledge that will allow you to succeed every single day of your life. In other words, you have to want to fly!

In a nutshell the Center provides information and referral; empowerment groups (we empower each other instead of simply support); we are co-sponsoring the Donna Brazile luncheon;we conduct practical seminars for women starting, running or growing their own businesses, including panel discussions, networking strategies, and resource and referral information; and the list goes on.

Check out the website at Better yet, become a member at At the very least, sign up for the free email newsletter so you will be aware of the wonderful events going on around you.

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