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Monday, March 23, 2009

Flying with Donna Brazile in person

I saw Donna Brazile. Actually, saw is too tame a word. I had the Donna Brazile experience and yes, I did get my book signed. At 1130 on March 20,2009 in the Charleston Convention Center ballroom, over 800 people (mostly women) came out to witness greatness.

Donna Brazile is greatness in the flesh. She makes no excuses for her position. She should all take that lesson from her. Make no excuses for your success and certainly do not down play it. You should celebrate it each and every day.

Donna is electrifying. She is powerful. She is full of joy. She is humorous. She is humble and she is gracious. She understands and appreciate all of her successes and is quick to acknowledge those who have aided her in her journey. She instructed us to let go of the excess baggage that we women carry. You know, all of that past stuff that we carry around with us that keeps us from soaring. Yes, she used the word soaring. She said we should all be soaring and be encouraging those around us to soar as well. We need to stop backstabbing, gossiping, and whatever else we are doing to hold other women back. We need to unite and change the world for the good. We need to change our attitude so that we can increase our altitude. She said that we are all role models. We cannot soar if we are carrying hatred, jealously, bitterness, and lies. I don't know about you, but I would rather be flying. I do not want to be tired of being sick and tired. I have many, many more things to accomplish.

She said now was the time to stop remembering all of the reasons we cannot do something and forge ahead. Now was the time to be daring. The time to take the lessons from those who have come before us and rise to the next level and then the next. We have no excuses. Now is the time. The current presidential administration is moving towards equity for all people, but we cannot sit and wait for them. We must go out and make things happen. We must all rise to our greatness individually and collectively. It is only then when we have truly overcome!

Thank you Donna, for reminding some of us and waking up others of us. I sincerely hope that many will be daring and make it their mission to soar to great heights as you have done. We all have our backstories and you have proven that those stories should be used to enhance our futures, not stifle them.

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