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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Flying protecting my boundaries

I am in the process of renovating my master bedroom and bathroom. Of course nothing is going exactly how I planned it. The most confusing issue was getting rid of my bedroom furniture. Okay, the furniture is not new. It is not even modern, but it does work. A dear sistergirlfriend of mine knew a couple whose house had burnt down or sustained major fire damage. I offered the furniture (queen sized bed, mattress, box spring, chest of drawers, dresser, mirror, and chaise lounge) to them at no cost. I just needed the stuff gone so I could put down new floors, paint, and so on. Well, this was not as easy as I hoped. They did not come when they said they would. About three hours later, they were on their way. Then it rained and the trip was off.

At that point I decided not to give them my furniture. Maybe that is mean, but I felt that the people were not really serious about taking the furniture and I felt that I could find someone who was. So, I called other people and my furniture is leaving my house a piece at a time, but it is leaving.

Before now, I would have just sat there waiting for those people to show up. I would have felt guilty for not being there when and if they showed up hours late for our appointment without calling. Not anymore! I decided that I have to protect me and my boundaries at all cost. I will not allow myself to be a door mat.

The people getting my furniture show up on time and are very appreciative. I do not know their personal circumstances, but I do not need to. It is a win-win situation and for that I am grateful.

Draw your boundaries and only relent when YOU want to. Do not allow others to control your peace of mind.

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