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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Flying using broken jewerly

Have you ever heard of Red Swan? It is a part of Lippincott, LLC, a precious metals and jewelry recycling company located in the United States. If you send your jewelry to this company, they will appraise your jewelry and send a check in your name to MUSC (Medical University South Carolina) plus and additional 8% from Red Swan. This money will be used to discover treatments, heal patients, and train personnel. I just cleaned out my dresser and was going to take my jewelry to Goodwill, but I will send it to Red Swan. It is just that easy.

Read more about Red Swan at

1 comment:

Cookie said...

Wow!Doretha, today you are the voice of God... I have never heard of Red Swan... What a great idea... And what a great way to release something that may be holding negative energy in your life.
Thank you so much for that...
You have no idea how timely this is.