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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Flying in stilettos

I did it! I actually strapped on 3 1/2 inch black patent leather peep toed stilettos and ran 100 yards without tripping, twisting a knee or ankle, or otherwise falling down. I know 100 yards does not seem like much, but strap on some stilettos and try it. I am a bit dismayed that a man won the $10,000 prize. But the dude was determined as anyone in need of $10,000 should be.

The fashion show was comical. Again, a guy won. He was dressed in pink tights, 5 inch platform boots, a pink wig, and a fake fur coat. He strutted down the 'run way' and was clearly an entertainer. Personally, I liked the guy dressed as Serena Williams, but I was not a judge. So picture this, a very tall, linebacker looking African American man in a very tiny tennis skirt, white athletic socks, and stilettos that from a distance looked exactly like mine. Oh, he had a wig on and the requisite head band. The men were out in force!

The women were there, too. We just did not win, but we looked great. It was a true shoe fashion show. The shoes ranged from Wal-Mart, Payless, and TJ Maxx to a gold pair of Cole Hahns. There were silver boots with feathers, plaid sling backs, classy black pointy toes, and the list goes on.

It was all for a good cause (the MUSC Children's Hospital). I do hope Vanessa Hill is the emcee again because she was funny, witty, and had the crowd moving. The young lady who sang was amazing (unfortunately I do not know her name). I definitely look forward to participating again next year.

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Angie said...

You go girl! I heard about that on the radio. I would be limping for weeks. I can't walk in heels, much less run.

Pardon this 4am post... suffering from pregnancy insomnia. So glad I have some fun reading!