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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Flying with dreams

How often do you dream? Do you remember your dreams? I had a bizarre one the other night. I found this article about dreams. Some cultures believe that dreams are predictors of the future. I certainly hope the one I had is simply the result of eating spicy food before going to bed!

The Meaning of Dreams (taken from

According to the Iroquois, to ignore dreams was to court illness, madness and disaster by opposing the messages of the god within. Dreams could help to cure disease, as well as disorders of the mind which were believed to result from unconscious desires revealed in dream - often resentments and unmet needs and desires. These desires were believed not only to stem from the personality, but also from the secret longings of the soul, which might at times be at odds with or unrelated to conscious intentions. Through dreaming and sharing dreams, the Iroquois believed - and believe to this day - that they contacted the sacred power, ORENDA.

What are your dreams telling you about the longings of your soul? This year, I wish that all of your longings be fulfilled.

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