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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Flying with Thanksgiving

Along with the usual fanfare and food, this Thanksgiving actually thank someone. Is there a person in your life that could benefit from a thank-you card? If you want to go a bit more public check out

Whatever you decide to do, do not allow family, friends, or complete strangers to upset your holidays. Also, try not to snap at people who ask questions about your personal life. simply say, "Thank you for asking, maybe we can discuss it late" or simply change the subject. If you think the holiday is really going to upset you, stay away from the situation entirely. Make alternative plans. For one family gathering, I called my cousin ahead of time and told her to be ready to come get me if I needed her. Fortunately I found a kindred soul at the event and managed to survive unscathed.

For more survival tips, go to:

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