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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Flying in the movie

I have been desperately trying to take the advice of one of the women from the What if? party. She said that if you want something, put yourself in the movie. In other words, visualize your THING with you as the star. After doing some research, I discovered that there are seven key principles to achieving dreams. The seventh is to visualize your success. This was taken from Paul Bauer - President, Dreams Alive International at

Visualize success in advance - A Powerful exercise
Picture your Life's Dream ALREADY created. Feel how it would feel to truly experience your highest aspirations already REAL in your life. Instead of just visualizing your desire, when you add the passion into your visualization, you will attain it or something better! This secret is used by hundreds of successful people to improve their health, their businesses, their relationships, their wealth and their peace of mind.

Can you do that today? Can you imagine what your heart's desire will feel like and put yourself in the movie?

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