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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Flying a little crooked

Samuel Zeller
I went to a chiropractor. I decided that I needed to try something different since I still do not have full mobility in my right knee. I am blaming it on the years of commuting between Charleston and Savannah for over 4 years. I found something online called 'gas pedal knee' and I have diagnosed myself with that. And no, you did not miss it. I do not have a medical degree of any sort. I do have a recent CPR/First Aid card, but that is it. Massages (which I hate) were not working. Ice/heat weren't working. Yoga wasn't working. So I needed to do something else.

I wasn't sure what that something else would be until someone referred me to a chiropractor. I had gone many years ago when I had a frozen shoulder. It wasn't the best experience so I was very very very leery. But I needed to so something. This place is a bit different. It is not the traditional twist and pop chiropractor. The doctor uses a little tool.

But first things first. My x-rays show that I am very out of alignment. I am crooked. I think the doctor tried to alarm me, but honestly the only issue I feel is my stiff knee. So the fact that there are other things wrong did not upset me. He said that we needed to take of the major things and then we can work on the knee. I am thinking that maybe my knee will get better once I am no longer crooked.

I have been three times. I keep answering 0% when they ask if I am feeling better because I am not. I only notice that my knee is not better and I have other pains. The doctor says that is because he is moving things back to their correct place and that pain will subside. He did actually look at my knee the other day.

I am trying to trust in the process. It did strike me that when I asked him if I could keep doing the exercises that I am doing he said that he did not want to add any distance or intensity until things were corrected. Yet he never asked me what I was doing. And I am not sure he could add any additional distance or intensity. I am doing enough of that myself.

Anyway, after this weekend's half marathon I will probably cut back a bit on running and amp up my yoga practice. I do not have another marathon until maybe next year if I get into New York. That is unless I change my mind and end my career with 9 marathons instead of 10. At least I do not have to think about that right now.

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