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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Flying into the New Year

Jamison McCandie
Happy New Year. No matter what happened or didn't happen to you last year, let's agree to make this year much better. Start off with positive thinking. One of my friends posted a great idea on Facebook. Take an empty jar and every day write something good that happened to you on a piece of paper. Put that piece of paper in the jar. Then when things get ugly (and we know they will) look at all of the good that has happened. This will be especially poignant at the end of the year when it is very hard to remember anything.

I am going to do that. I am already behind so I will make an effort to do that today. It will be sort of a visual gratitude journal. And we all need one of those.

This year I want to eat less meat and more vegetables. I plan to stop running marathons after I get into the New York City one. I want to read more books. I plan to start my yoga teacher training. And hopefully I will focus on the good in my life and spend much less time on the other crap.

I hope that I can be a much better person and perhaps use my voice to speak a bit louder for those who need me. That means figuring out to get involved in my new community of Savannah. I need to stop looking at this place as a layover. I mean, it may be a place to rest before moving on. But I must remember that I now live here. I am no longer commuting. I need to make this my home for as long as I am here. I need a new attitude.

So this year be grateful, be humble, be positive, and be true to yourself.